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Spices & Vegetables Mix

Under the Spices and Vegetables Mix category, we offer a variety of products designed for easy preparation and processing to meet your manufacturing and foodservice requirements.

These mixes are ready to use just with the addition of a base product.

We thus provide quick ‘one stop solutions’ to enhance the taste, texture, functionality and appearance of customer’s final product.

Our current repertoire of products comprises:
  • Upma Masala with variants having different % of vegetables & spices
  • Khichdi Masala
  • Vegetable/ Sabzi Masala
  • Dal Masala
  • Butter Milk Masala with variants of Jeera, Pudina & Spicy
All these products have been designed and created out of specific demands from customers. We can re formulate these blends as well as create new blends for any application based on product ideas or target samples from customers.

Apart from these blends, we have a range of seasonings available for various applications.
Snack Seasonings
Side Dish Seasonings
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