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Supplying Us

Interested in supplying us?

We require various raw materials and packing material in our production process.

Some examples of the materials/services we purchase:

Raw Materials Packaging Others
Dehydrated Vegetables
HDPE Food Grade bags
LDPE Food Grade bags as liners
Aluminium Laminated Bags
Production consumables
Cleaning & Sanitation
Engineering parts

As a responsible food manufacturer, we only source from suppliers who operate to the highest quality and technical standards. As a minimum we would expect our raw material suppliers to operate an effective HACCP system and comply with food safety management systems standards.

Packaging suppliers would be expected to comply with the latest food contact legislation and ISO or equivalent.

Depending on the specific category of material, we operate a process through which prospective suppliers can gain approval.

If you are interested in supplying us and wish to know more about the potential opportunities, please fill in the email enquiry below.

We will get back to you with our requirements.

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